The Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard is an electronically billing file format. LEDES file format is typically used by law firms for billing, if required by one of their clients. It is abbreviated LEDES and is usually pronounced as "leeds".
CaseFox supports various electronic billing formats such as LEDES 1998B, Chubbs, Litigation Advisor.

A LEDES format invoice is automatically generated when you create an invoice. See "Getting Started" for instructions for generating invoices. 
To generate valid LEDES invoices, please ensure: 
1. In client details, Law Firm ID field is filled. A Law Firm ID is your firm's identification (e.g., your tax id) in your client's billing system. 
2. In Case Details, Client Matter ID field is filled. A Client Matter ID is the identification (e.g., matter id or case reference number) of the case in your client's billing system. Also, if you enter the case description, this text will be used as "Invoice Description" in LEDES invoices of this case. If the case description is left blank, "Client Name/Case Name" will be used as "Invoice Description." 
3. In Add Note (Time/Expense), use appropriate UTBMS codes. 

Please see How To Create LEDES Invoices for more details.