CaseFox supports the following user roles, at present.  

1. Administrator: Full access. Initial user (entered during the signup) always remains an administrator (but can be changed). Other users may be created and assigned "administrator" role. 
2. Contract Staff (Show Amounts): User of this role type can enter time/expenses in specifically assigned case(s). This type of user will not see any other data except his own time/expense entries including amounts. 
3. Normal Staff: User of this type can see his tasks, enter and view his own time/expenses (including amounts), view client and case information of specifically assigned cases. 
4. Contract Staff (Do Not Show Amounts): Same as Contract Staff (Show Amounts) except no billable hourly amounts (even corresponding to his own time entries) will be shown. This will allows a firm to hide a contract staff's billable rates that the firm would be charging to its clients from the contract staff. 

5. Office Secretary: Same as Normal Staff but with permissions to view all clients/cases and to add/edit clients and cases (but cannot delete). A user of this type can also view/download invoices (but cannot create or enter payments) and unbilled amounts on the dashboard, enter names in conflict check screen and enter discovery tracking information. Other access features of this role type can be customized (under the Staff tab) by an administrator user.  
Administrator role users have unfettered access to all features. Normal Staff and Contract Staff users can only view cases that are specifically assigned to them. Users of these types can only enter their own time entries and cannot view time entries of others. Users of these roles do not have access to any other features. Office Secretary role users can view all cases and clients and can enter time for other staff members. Others features for users of role "Office Secretary" can be customized via the following screen. Note that a user of type Office Secretary does not necessarily be office secretary. It can be assigned to any member of your firm.