CaseFox supports generating invoices in client's currency, if client's currency is different from your firm's standard currency. This feature is useful for firms that caters clients in foreign countries and if these clients require invoices in their local currencies. 

In order to generate invoices in client's currency: 

Step 1: Click on "Clients" tab and select a desired client in the list of clients on the left bar. On the right side tabbed pane, click on "View Client/Edit" and select clients currency in the dropdown box. 

Step 1: Click on "Settings/Tools/Reports" and then click on "Currency Conversion" link on the left side bar. Select the client's currency in the dropdown and enter the conversion rate. The conversion rate can be changed at anytime. The new rate will automatically be updated in previously created invoices. 

Note: At present, the payments received in client's currency will needs to be converted back to firm's standard currency manually prior to entering them in CaseFox.