A case/matter (or project) may be configured to have multiple payers or a payer different from the matter's client.  To setup different payers, click on "Cases (Projects)", select a desired case in the list.  On right hand side pane, click on Edit Case tab.  In the Payers section, click on "Add Payer" and enter payer name and address. 

If this additional payer is going to be the only payer, enter 100 in pay percent box.  If this pay percent is less than 100, name/address of the main client as well as this new payer will be listed on Word and PDF invoices.  If this number is 100, only this payer will be listed on invoices.

If your invoices are to be paid by multiple people, Add Client and enter the name/address of the main client. Add a Case for this client. Then under Edit Case tab, add other payers. Do time keeping and invoicing agnostic to number of payers, as if there was only one payer. When a payment is received, in the description box of payment recording popup (that comes up when the green dollar icon is clicked in the list of invoices), enter first and last name of the payer (as entered in the Add Payer screen).


 I have a matter where there are six different payors. When I go to post the payment from one of the payors, there is no place for me to select the correct payor. Thus, the payor and client's balances are off. How do I do this.

1. First, if not already done so, please go to the Cases (Projects) tab, select the case and under Edit Case tab on the right, enter different payers (except the one already entered as client). 
2. When entering payments, in the description box, enter first and last names of the payer. The first and last name should be spelled exactly how it is entered in Add Payer.