In addition to generating invoices in PDF, Word, LEDES 1998B, ESIS Advocator and Juris formats, CaseFox also generates invoices in Litigation Advisor /GreatAmerica format.  At present, these invoices can be downloaded from Dashboard only.  Click on "Download Litigation Advisor Invoice" icon (watch the tooltip) in the invoice listing to download Litigation Advisor format invoice file.

In order to generate valid LitigationAdvisor(TM) format invoices, Please follow these steps:

1. In Cases, Edit Case tab, enter Claim Number in Client Matter Id field and Matter Number in Docket Number field.
2. Either under Clients or Cases tab (select desired client or case respectively), click on "Other Info" tab and create two field/value pairs
        1.  DIVISION_NAME          in field value textbox, enter the value, e.g., Alternative Markets
        2.  DIVISION_LOCATION    in field value textbox, enter the value, e.g., CINCINNATI