CaseFox® WebService API (Beta)


To help software integrators provide more product and services choices to our user community, CaseFox offers an easy to use JSON based WebService API. Api Key can be obtained by login to your CaseFox account, selecting "Settings/Tools/Reports"->"Edit Business Information" :: scroll to the bottom on the right pane. DO NOT SHARE YOUR SECRET KEY WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN AN AUTHORIZED SYSTEM INTEGRATOR. If the key is compromized, go back to the settings and click on "Get New Key". When a new key is generated, all old keys are disabled. 

At present, the following methods are includes in the API:

1. URL: 
2. PhoneMessages/{ApiKey},{Year} : get phone message log
3. Clients/{ApiKey}: get all clients
4. Staffs/{ApiKey}: get all staff members
5. Cases/{ApiKey}: get all cases
6. Firm/{ApiKey}: get your firm's information
7. CasesForClient/{ApiKey},{ClientId}: get all cases for a client
8. Client/{ApiKey},{ClientId}: get client information
9. Case/{ApiKey},{CaseId}: get case information
10. Staff/{ApiKey}/{StaffId}: get staff information
11. AllInvoices/{ApiKey}: get all invoices
12. AllUnpaidInvoices/{ApiKey}: get all unpaid or partially unpaid invoices
13. CaseInvoices/{ApiKey},{CaseId}: get all invoices for a case
14. ClientInvoices/{ApiKey},{ClientId}: get all invoices for a client
15. CheckApiKey/{ApiKey}: verify API key