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Even though we retain full control over what features and/or customization to provide to feature requests, relatively minor features/customization are routinely provided.  Any feature/customization that requires more intrusive UI changes and/or changes through various layers of the programming code and database structures are generally provided when those changes are likely to benefit a substantially large base of customers.  Please feel free to add feature requests and we will give them a thorough consideration. 

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David Miller posted over 5 years ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add hotkey navigation options for the Dashboard, Cases Tab (especially time entry), Timer, Quick Time Entry Menu, etc.

Casefox is such a robust case management tool, it's my favorite thus far. But the lack of convenient navigation via the keyboard, especially for menu's involving time entry which are frequently jumped to amid other work, really makes casefox a pain to use. 

Navigation hotkeys are essential to heavy user speed and workflow. The most important to add would be the following:


Open quick time entry menu: Alt + Q

Open Timer: Alt + T

Go To:

Clients Tab: g then q

Cases Tab:g then w


Quick Time Entry Popup Menu

Select case selection bar: Ctrl + y

Select Timekeeper bar: Ctrl + u

Select Date: Ctrl + i


This would be such a helpful feature to make casefox quick and easy to use everyday.

Kind regards,



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