How to setup billing rates for cases

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CaseFox offers setting up billing rates at three levels.  Global hourly rates for individual timekeepers, hourly rates for specific clients, hourly rates for specific cases.  If no hourly rates are specified for a case, the system automatically picks up hourly rates set at client level.  If no hourly rates are set at client level then global hourly rates are used.

In addition, custom hourly rates can also be used on the fly.  For example, if a timekeepers normal hourly rate for a case are $200/hr but the timekeeper wants to charge $100/hr for a particular charge, simply enter number of hours and change auto-calculated cost of these hours to half. Invoice will show this item as $100/hr item.

Flat fees items can be entered by not entering hours but entering the cost only.

No Charge items can be entered by entering hours and making the auto-calculated cost 0.  This item will appear as No Charge on the invoice. The invoice will also show in bracket the real cost of this item being waived.

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