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Posted about 7 years ago by Casefox

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Upgrading an account is easy and upgrading to a paid plan does not change your data. Upgrade takes effect in real time.  To upgrade, please login to your CaseFox account, then click on Settings/Tools/Reports link on the upper right corner.  Click on Payment Options on the left side bar.  Enter your credit card or choose PayPal.  After successfully saving payment information, subscription screen will appear.  Please choose Monthly/Yearly then appropriate plan and click on the Subscribe button.

When a plan is upgraded or downgraded, payments are automatically prorated (so long as the new plan is in the same renewal frequency, e.g., monthly or yearly).  If you choose a different frequency during upgrade or downgrade, please open a customer service ticket. We will adjust the payments manually and issue a refund if a refund is due.

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