Moving time entries from one case to another or one client to another

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Moving entries from one case to another

1. Click on Cases (Projects) tab.

2. Select the source case

3. On the right side, click on Move Entries button.  

4. On the popup select the destination case.  [only unbilled (meaning they are not included in an invoice) entries can be moved]

Moving entries from one client to another

1. Create another case under the client of the source case (from which entries need to be moved out)

2. Move entries from the source case to the newly created case (see above for instructions)

3. Now select the new case in the left side list of case

4. On the right side, click on Move this case under a new client button.

5. Select the destination client.

6. If so desired that these entries should be added to an existing case under the destination client. Please follow steps 1-4 under "Moving entries from one case to another" section above and then delete the case created under step 1 above.

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