Deleting A Case and its Client record

Posted about 6 years ago by Casefox

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There is rarely a need to delete client records because there is no limit on how many clients you can have. Also, you would want to keep trust records for the client for many years.

To delete a case:

1.  Click on Cases (Projects) tab,  select a case to be deleted. 

2.  Click on More button on the right side

3.  Click on Download Notes/Invoice List/ Payment List and keep the downloaded file for your future reference

4.  Delete all payments under the payments tab

5.  Delete all invoices under the Invoices tab (please notice there are two sub tabs under the Invoices tab)

6.  Delete all time entries for the case one by one (alternatively all time/expense entries may be deleted in bulk from under the More.. button of a case)

7.  Click on Edit Case tab and click on Delete Case button towards the bottom of the page.

If a client record for this deleted case needs to be delete, navigate to the client and under Client Details/Edit tab, click on Delete button.  If there are trust entries for this client, those entries must be deleted first (though we do not advise deleting trust entries, they should be kept for auditing purposes).

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