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Invoices generated in CaseFox are interactive and when time/expense entries included in an invoice are updated, the invoice automatically updates itself.  Please see Edit Invoice.

Pre-Billing in CaseFox is handled simply and easily.  

1.  Under Settings/Tools/Reports -> Invoice/General Settings,   check "New Invoices in Draft mode" and Save.

2.  Invoices will now have the caption "Draft Invoice" and in the list of invoices under Invoices tab, a small check box will appear unchecked to indicate that particular invoice is in draft mode.

3.  After downloading an invoice, verify its content.  If an entry needs to be edited, please edit the entry under the Notes tab of the case.

4.  After making changes in time entries, download the invoice again and if everything looks good, please check the box mentioned in step 2 above and download the invoice again.

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