Why Use CaseFox

Modified on Sat, 27 Aug 2016 at 11:35 AM

CaseFox provides various advantages over the use of in-house installed time and billing software. First, you don't need to manage hardware/software and making sure data is properly backedup. Second, unlike your in-house system, you don't need to upgrade hardware or software. Further, CaseFox is available 24/7 from anywhere and the cost of using CaseFox is very low compared to your in-house installation and the time you have to spend on managing it. The time you spend on managing, maintaining, backing up and upgrading may be coming from your billable hours and as a result may be costing you a whole lot more than just the licensing fees. CaseFox is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. There is nothing to install or upgrade. We continuously upgrade CaseFox and upgrades are automatically and transparently offered to users.
If you are a solo professional or a small/medium/virtual firm, you may be hiring contract workers (e.g., contract attorneys) from time to time (if not today, you might do so tomorrow as your practice/business grows). CaseFox is a multi-user system that provides role based access to data. Just like staff members of your firm, your contract workers can also login (using their own user id/password) into your CaseFox account and enter their time and expenses. These contract worker users will not see any other data in your CaseFox account. You can convert a staff user to a contract contract user and vice versa with just one click. Generating invoices is easy (CaseFox even offers automatic bulk invoice creation, click one button and invoices for all clients and cases will be created automatically). The previously entered time/expense data is automatically used for generating invoices. Invoices can be emailed to clients with just one click. You can also export your client list, case list and entered time data into Excel files. All in all, you will find CaseFox very friendly and time/money saving system.

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