If you are switching from another system to CaseFox and have outstanding unpaid invoices.  You may enter the outstanding balance in CaseFox so that when a next invoice is created in CaseFox, the unpaid balance is included. Please follow these steps:

1. Create a client (if not already done so)
2. Create a case for the client
3. Click on "Add Note (Time/Expense)" in the case
4. Leave hour/min/Tenth Hour boxes blank.
5. Enter the outstanding amount in Total Cost box.
6. In Service Performed box, enter "Outstanding balance carry forward"
7. (If you know a break of fees and expenses outstanding balance, create two entries, one without checking "This is an expense" box (for expenses) and one without)
8. Use a past date so that this entry appears on top in the next invoice

When an invoice is generates, this amount will be included in the total.