<p><a href="http://www.casefox.com">CaseFox Time and Billing Software</a> is a perfect time tracking and time based billing system for virtual firms that hire independent contractors and/or contract attorneys that are located at different locations.  CaseFox is a multi-user system with role management to enable you to control what your contract attorneys can see when they log onto your CaseFox account.  Users with the role &#8220;Contract Attorney&#8221; can only enter their time and expense data to selected cases (you grant access to what cases are available to them).  Other than their own time tracking data, users with Contract Attorney role don&#8217;t see any other data.  Only admin users have full access to all data.  Users with &#8220;Staff User&#8221; role can see more data (based on what cases you want them to see) but not all.  Trust Accounting is reserved only for admin users.</p>