<p><div class="post-header"> <div class="post-header-line-1"></div> </div> <div class="post-body entry-content" id="post-body-3848373582694565532"> <h1 class="yiv1155140600title"><strong>Step 1:</strong></h1> <div class="yiv1155140600copy">Click on Add Client link (under Client tab) and fill in required fields.  Note that &#8220;Law Firm ID&#8221; is a unique identification of your firm in your client&#8217;s systems.  This field is required if this client requires LEDES format invoices.  Save.  The client should now be listed on the left hand side bar.</div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy"></div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy"></div> <h1 class="yiv1155140600title"><strong>Step 2:</strong></h1> <div class="yiv1155140600copy">Now click on &#8220;Add Case&#8221; link on the right hand side tabbed area.  Fill in required information.  If you have not created a staff user (when you signed up, you created the firm&#8217;s admin user), please click on Add Staff in Add Case screen and entered required information. Save.  Case should now be listed under Cases tab.  You should also have the staff listed under Staff tab.</div> <br/><h1 class="yiv1155140600title"><strong>Step 3:</strong></h1> <div class="yiv1155140600copy">You are all set to start recording time, expenses, notes, etc. and generate invoices for the just created client/case.  To add time, expense or note, click on Add Note link .  You have an option to enter private notes in every note.  The private notes are for your eyes only.  These notes will not be printed on invoices.  On the contrary, the text entered in the &#8220;Note&#8221; box will automatically be used as a line item text in an invoice (if the note is marked billable). Non-billable notes will not be added to invoices.  Other stuff on the Add Note screen should be straight forward.</div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy"></div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy"></div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy"></div> <div><strong>OTHER STUFF</strong></div> <div><strong><br/></strong></div> <div class="yiv1155140600copy">You may click on &#8220;Settings&#8221; on the upper right hand corner and upload your firm&#8217;s logo.  The logo will be added to your invoices.  Invoices can be emailed directly to clients from CaseFox.com (Clients will see emails coming from your firm).  You may also download PDF invoices and email them yourself, if you like.  After you create an invoice, the invoice will be listed under  the invoice tab.  If you click on the invoice tab from Client tab, all invoices for the selected clients will be displayed.  Alternatively, you may go to Invoice tab from Case tab to view invoices for the selected case only.  You may also record payments against invoices (multiple payments ok). </div> </div></p>