Easy Data Migrations to CaseFox From Timeslips

Modified on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 04:34 AM

Slide Into The World of CaseFox: Data Migration

With swiftly modernizing data storage techniques, it gets crucial to migrate to better resources. We understand our clients’ requirements when it comes to data migration. To ease data migration to CaseFox spreadsheets we have set up a support document.

Exporting data from Timeslips to a spreadsheet program encircling Open Office Calc, Excel, or Quattro Pro for further in-depth analysis. The migration is possible via various options including the Report menu and the File Menu. However, we suggest using the Export Function from the File Menu. We have added a simple illustration below to help you ease the functioning. 

NOTE: The procedure is just for exporting SLIPS. This procedure will work for all reasonably modern versions of Timeslips.

The moment you choose the Export option this window pops up on your screen. Next, you will have to choose between Expense Slips or Timeslips. The data migration module restricts your selections to a certain date range. You can set that data at this point.

When you are done defining the slips precisely you may go forward to click the print button. Else, you may define the slips further you want to export by making double click on either –  “Send Timeslips to Timeslips for the Mac” or “Send Expense Slips to Timeslips for the Mac”.

Here, by exporting to Mac, we are not really making an export to Mac. Exporting to Mac is just to make the process simpler using a simple tab-delimited file format. This can be noticed at the bottom of the window as shown. The format can also be operated via a spread program.

If you double-click the "Send Time Slips to Timeslips for the Mac" selection above you'll get the window below. If you want both Time and Expense slips exported to the spreadsheet, click the button with the left-pointing arrow (less than) between the Available Filters and the Selected Filters sections to remove the Slip Type: Time selection. As you see, there are numerous options for further restricting your slip selection by Client, Attorney, Billing Status, and more.

Furthermore, there are more choices in the Advanced Tab – WIP, Hold Status, and a few more. You will also have access to options including Client Activity, Timekeeper, and Reference selections in the Slip selections portal.

The Data Migration portal allows you to filter Client Custom Fields under the Client Filter Group. This lets you export slips of a Single Responsible Attorney or even the slips from certain case types.

Once you click the ‘Print’ Button a window appears as shown in the illustration. Assign a name to the Export File and check the “Export Column Titles” box. This will allow you to check on the field names amid export. Before saving, set the target folder in which the file will be saved.

Once you save the file by clicking save, this window will pop-up. If you want to select slips in the near future to the files you’ve already exported this time, click “Yes” or else select “No”.

Importing into Excel or Quattro Pro

Next, our process is Importing the slips into an Excel spreadsheet or Quattro Pro. The process stands to be the same as explained earlier in the doc, however, Quattro Pro has All Files (*.*) selection at the bottom of the file type list. If considering excel the list preview is at the top. To be precise, they are almost identical in Quattro Pro.

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