Note: this functionality has been replaced by Desktop Timer

Time buttons are provided for measuring time (e.g., phone calls, time spent on writing memos, etc.) for time entries. To start the timer, click on "Start Timer" button and to stop the timer, click on "Stop Timer" button. Minimum 6 minutes (0.1 h) will be recorded. If the timer runs for more than 6 minutes, further time will be calculated in a 3 minute increment. 
Please note the timer cannot be paused and restarted. 
Please also note that after clicking on "Stop Timer" button, note down the entered time in "Tenth Hours" box BEFORE entering any other data and saving the note. The reason is that when no screen activity is detected for some time, the online session will timeout, and pressing "Save" button will redirect the page to the login screen and the time data reported by the timer will be lost.