<p><a href="http://www.casefox.com">CaseFox</a> offers integrated time entry and case note management to save time and efforts.  Case notes automatically becomes invoice line items.  Private notes and document links may also be attached to entered notes.  Private notes are not displayed on invoices.  Document links are automatically added to the Documents tab of the case for which the note was entered. No more switching screen and struggling to find how to do different things without getting lost.  Notes may be sorted by date and user.  Notes (including time, financial information in notes) can be exported to Excel and PDF documents.</p> <p>CaseFox offers unified note/time management.  Notes automatically flow to invoicing module.  Hence creating invoices entail simply clicking a few options rather than making billable amount entries again.  Expenses are also handled the same way.  No need to struggle to find billable expenses for invoicing.  This feature is important for legal case management and painless law firm billing and invoicing.</p>