Time tracking, invoicing, expense recording and case notes in CaseFox

Modified on Sat, 27 Aug 2016 at 11:37 AM

<p>After selecting the case on the left hand side pane (not shown here), click on &#8220;Add Note&#8221; link (which you won&#8217;t need to make efforts to find).  The screen will change to the above shown view.  You can select the staff member and date and then either enter the amount or the time spent on the activity being recorded.  If the time spent on the activity is being entered, CaseFox (<strong><span>Legal Time and Billing Software for Lawyers</span></strong>) will automatically compute the amount (from Staff billable hour rate, which you enter when you create a new staff).  You can check the &#8220;Expense&#8221; check box to indicate that the note being entered is for an expense.  If you mark the note as &#8220;Billable,&#8221; this note will automatically be included in the invoice notes selection screen.  You can enter some text in the &#8220;Note&#8221; box.  This text will appear in the invoice, if this note is added to an invoice.  </p> <p>A note can only be added to one invoice.  An invoice may be deleted so long as no payment is made against it.</p> <p>A private note can also be added to the note. This private note is for your eyes only and will not appear on the invoice.</p> <p>You may also attach document links to a note. At present, <a href="http://www.casefox.com">CaseFox</a> does not support uploading documents. However, since you may already be using an online or local shared drive for storing documents, those links may be entered. You may also upload documents to your Google Docs, copy and paste those document links here. Only one link per note. If you like to add more document links, you may create multiple notes. Document links of all notes are collected and shown under the document tab. This way you will have access to all case documents at one place.</p> <p>Notes may be edited later on easily. Further, at the time of the creation of an invoice, you will have option to change the amount (only for invoicing, changes made during the creation of invoices will not be reflected in notes.</p> <p>Optionally, Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS) task and activity codes may be entered with case notes, depending on your client&#8217;s requirements.  If entered, these codes will be used in LEDES invoices.  If a client requires invoicing through LEDES format, you should also enter &#8220;Law Firm ID&#8221; in client details.  This could be your tax id or an identification provided by the client to identify your law firm in their finance system.  Case Matter ID should also be added to case details if the client has assigned a specific matter id to a particular case.</p>

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