iCal Synchronization

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iCal Subscription Feed - Calendar Synchronization with Outlook, Google, iPhone, Android


CaseFoxTM offers tracking important dates and action items. See Docketing/Calendaring

iCal is a standard protocol for synchronizing calendar entries across heterogeneous enviroments. CaseFoxTM offers iCal feed subscription to enable external calendars (e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone, Mac, Android) automatically synchronize with calendaring items created in CaseFoxTM. This is a one time setup, once the synchronization link is established, the external calendar/device will automatically connect (at regular intervals) to CaseFox to update calendar entries of all cases. This is a one-way syncronization. Meaning if a calendar entry is changed or added in CaseFox, the entry will automatically be updated/added in the external calendar but updates in the external calendar will not be synchronized back to CaseFox. 

Google Calendar Instructions 

CaseFox offers automatic synchronization with Google.  If you link your CaseFox account with your Google account, calendar entries created/updated/deleted in CaseFox will also be created/updated/deleted in your Google Calendar automatically.  The follow instructions are not needed if you use this automatic synchronization.  You may also use "Update Cal/Tasks" link on the dashboard to synchronize updates back from Google to CaseFox.

1. Login to CaseFox. On the dashboard, right button click on  icon and copy (Copy Link Address) the feed URL. 
2. Paste the URL to Notepad or any text editor. Change the word (in the URL in Notepad) "Index" to "gcal" in the URL. (This needs to be done to overcome Google's flawed implementation of iCal standards).  
3. In the left column, click on the Add link in the Other Calendars section. 
4. From the menu select "Add by URL". 
5. Enter the modified feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar. Note: Times are not adjusted for day light saving (DST).  You should see "CaseFox" under the "Other Calendars."
6. You may also setup mobile notifications. Click on the down arrow next to "CaseFox" under "Other Calendars". Click on Calendar Settings. Then click on "Reminders and Notifications."

Outlook Calendar Instructions 

Login to CaseFox. On the dashboard, click on  icon. A pop-up will come up. Follow instructions. 

Android Instructions 

1.Download and Install ICalSync application from here https://play.google.com/store/search?q=ICalSync+khoas&c=apps 
2.Run ICalSync app on android phone and it would give you an option to go to "Go to Sync Accounts" 
3.Click on "Add account" from the bottom right. 
4.Select ICalSync. 
5.Enter Name and other details. In "choose URL" enter the ICal URL which you can copy by right clicking  on CaseFox Dashboard. (Note: replace webcal:// with http:// in this link) 
6.Set synchronize time to 1 hour and save it. 
7.You will start seeing all your appointments directly in your mobile's native calendar. You can even customize settings to get an alert prior to appointments. 

For other devices/applications, please search on the Internet.

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