Getting Started with Xero Integration

Modified on Sat, 27 Aug 2016 at 11:39 AM

To setup your CaseFox account to seamlessly transmit invoices and supporting data to your Xero account, please follow these steps:

1.  Of course, if you don't have a Xero account or don't know what Xero Accounting Software is, please visit   In short, Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

2.  Login to your CaseFox account.  
3.  Click on Settings/Tools/Reports button on the upper right hand corner.
4.  Click on Xero Accounting Settings on the left had side menu bar.
5.  (Optional) On the Xero Accounting Settings page, click on the "Show Tour" button to let the system explain various fields on the screen.
6.  Click on the Connect button.   A pop-up will appear.  Login to Xero Accounting by entering your Xero user name/password.
7.  Next, the screen will request you to authorize CaseFox to access a selected company.  Select the company in the dropdown and click on the Authorize button. 
8.  The screen will redirect to show a message from CaseFox.  Close the pop-up.
9.  Click on the Refresh link on the Xero Accounting Settings page.  The page will now display the connected company.
10. If you are going to use Account Codes for your time/expense entries, either select one from the dropdown or create a new code using the Create New link.  It is suggested that a same Account Code be used for time and expense entries.
11. Similarly, if your time/expense entries are taxable,  select a default Tax Type or create new using the Create New link.  
12. Save default parameters.
13. You will need to come back to this screen only if you like to disconnect from Xero, disconnect to change the company or change default codes.

14. Now, click on the Dashboard tab on the upper left corner of the screen.
15. On the Dashboard, click on the Invoices button.  On the dropdown, click on "Copy Invoices to Xero Accounting" option.
16. On the pop-up, select Month/year.  A listing of invoices created in the selected Month/Year will be displayed.
17. Click on the Send button next to a desired invoice to send the selected invoice to your Xero account.
18. If the selected invoice was copy to Xero previously, the invoice in Xero will be updated.  However, once the invoice is "approved" in Xero, attempting to copy again will result in a validation error.  System will display a message if there are any validation errors.
19. Once copied, CaseFox will display a tiny blue circle in invoice listings at various places to indicate that the invoice has been copied to Xero. Hovering mouse over the blue circle will show the date/time of the last copying.  A subsequent copying of a same invoice will update existing data in Xero.
20. Payments can be copied by going to Clients -> Payments or Cases (Projects) -> Payments and clicking on "Copy to Xero" link.  Unlike invoices, payments can only be copied once and only when the invoice is approved in Xero.


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