MatterSuite provides an innovative approach to organize and find data easily using the tag feature.  When data is added to MatterSuite,  the user may add tags to it.  For example,  all data entered by a user "Joe Smith", the user may add a tag "Joe" to it.  In addition,  let's suppose the matter to which the data is added is procured by attorney "Perry Mason",  a tag "Parry Mason" may also be added as a tag to the data relating to that particular matter.  There can be any number of tags attached to any type of data in MatterSuite.  Again for example, a contact may be tagged as "client", "Minor's father", "Child Custody Case", "Private Investigator", etc.   

Then to the reporting,  let's say you want to find all data entered related to the tag "Joe",  simply click on "Tags" icon on the left side menu and click on "Tag Usage" to see where that data is. Or if you want to get a list of all contacts who are Private Investigators,  simply click on "Tag Usage" link for the tag "Private Investigator."   

MatterSuite makes is flexible to get to the data quickly, flexibly and in an organized way.