1. When entering expenses, make sure to also check [ ]Billable checkbox if you intend the entered expense to be included in an invoice. If you don’t check the Billable checkbox, the note will not be presented for invoicing. 
2. Click on “Cases” tab, select a case in the left panel bar. Then scroll down to the bottom on the rightside note listing. If you see an amount in “Non-Billable” category, you should review your time/expense entries. You may have not checked [ ] Billable checkbox in one or more notes. Of course, it is ok if you intentionally unchecked the Billable checkbox. 
3. For entering expenses, Select [ ] Expense checkbox and notice a slightly changed screen. in “Units” box, enter number of units (enter 1, if this is a flat expense, such as Court Filing Fees). For example, to enter 10 copies @.15/copy, enter “10” in “Units” box and then enter “1.50” in “Total Cost” box. 
4. If you have already created an invoice, you can delete it, edit the note(s) and then generate the invoice again.