Most likely, this feature is only useful for attorneys and law firms.  Conflict check on a potential client is performed to ensure that your duties and obligations to the potential client would not cause a conflict with your other current and/or previous clients.  Most malpractice insurers require/suggest that attorneys setup up a conflict checking system (not necessarily using a software) in place to avoid and prevent conflicts.  CaseFox can help you manage your conflicts easily.

For a solo attorney, it may not be an insurmountable task to run a conflict check without using any system or software.  However, as the time progresses, the client base increases, number of associates are hired, the firm becomes bigger, people come and go, it becomes virtually impossible to remember all names and their associations with previous clients.  Ideally a conflict check should go beyond simply checking your client list.  For example, if you represented Wife in some matter, in some situations, it will a conflict to represent a client against the husband of Wife.

CaseFox provides a feature to collect all names that are somehow associated with a case, on both sides.